Fix your footprint, improve your network

When network deployment often ends up in the hands of the lowest bidder, is rushed to deployment, or has poor inputs; mistakes in deployment can happen. Detailed data collection and footprint optimization finds these issues, corrects them, and improves the network design. Propagation and ACP tools are based on knowing the correct configuration or deploying it. Buildings in front of sites often go missed and network performance suffers.

The ice optimization solution

Our iCE Optimation solution fills this void. With detailed drive and switch trace collection, we can simulate network changes accurately, find likely configuration issues, provide tuning feedback for the models, and leave an improved network for the customer. Our process also puts the tools and know-how in the hands of the market engineers. This close interactions with market engineering is focus to ensure success long after our projects are concluded.

  • Utilize OptPCS for optimization of LTE, UMTS, GSM, and CDMA/1x networks
  • Utilize OptPCS-iCE for detailed footprint analysis and cell simulation/configurations
  • Track improvements and degradation at cell and area level
  • Integrated switch trace recording for improved analysis
  • Find network implementation issues: Swapped Sectors, Overtilted Cells, Incorrect Azimuths, etc
  • Spectral efficiency assessments including Radio Resource Efficiency
  • Provide seasonality and competitive positions at cell and area levels
  • Optimize neighbor relationships across multiple-band and technology scenarios
  • Simulate OptPCS-iCE 3G benchmarking for 4G-LTE site planning
  • OptPCS-iCE simulation of multiple network scenarios for different technologies (LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA)
  • Knowledge transfer and training of engineers of process and tools
  • Provide customer support and forums with TTS Wireless extensive expertise
Footprint Optimization with iCE