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Frequently Asked Questions

Telecom Technology Services currently provides services in North America and Europe. However, TTS may provide solutions and products worldwide, including South America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Oceania.

Operators, Vendors, OEMs, venues owners and generally whoever can create tangible value through our tools and solutions can be potential TTS customer.

Contact us through email or phone describing what are your needs or thoughts and we will get back to you, with detailed proposals specially tailor made on your needs and requests.

Practically unlimited. TTS manages from small to very large projects for all the national US mobile operators, providing tools and solutions for managing huge networks in terms of covered areas, number of elements and customers number. Moreover, TTS supports solutions applied in the biggest venues in US, including business centers, shopping malls and stadiums.

Software and data servers location depends on customer. Usually, for speed and security reasons they are installed on customers servers at their premises.

TTS main software tool, IMNOS, is a web based tool with multiple features, available on a license based policy. Licenses duration can be customized, according to customers needs.

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