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Mapping Social Media

February 4, 2017

The visualization of social media data provides insights into a highly mobile segment of the population. Knowing where people typically post and that the typical geotagged posts with GPS are from mobile devices provides insight into where MNOs need to have the best network to serve them.


Social Media Reactions in Wireless Networks

January 14, 2017

With the mass adoption of social media, the consumer has found a new outlet of frustration beyond the call to customer service. Not only can they voice their complaints to any follower who notices, they may also voice their praise.


Learning with YouTube

November 26, 2013

A recent study of wireless customer care satisfaction found that almost 1/5 of full time subscribers utilized YouTube to resolve a problem with their wireless service. Although the study didn’t answer if they resolved their issue through YouTube, it would point to higher generalization of consumers.