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Pooled Licensing – Efficient Tool Utilization

October 22, 2014

When an organization purchases a software/hardware tool, it most often purchases a license for the features associated. These licenses are the soft dollars that can eat into budgets and pop up unexpected expenses down the line if not understood completely.


Promoting Tools — You Already Own

January 10, 2014

Every organization needs to purchase tools. Typically a long drawn out process where a lot of people review, critique, and ask for changes, inclusions, and items to be removed. Now that you’ve got your shiny new tool you just need to figure out how to get everyone to use it.


The Engineering Cost of Tools

January 6, 2014

The wireless industry has embraced the need of tools for every aspect of an engineers job tasks. There is tool to run designs, visualize the customer issues, adjust parameters, recommend changes, and just about anything else an engineer my do.