5G Milestone RF Design

TTS-Wireless Milestone Design Services

The race for 5G network roll-outs is on with mobile network operators (MNOs) furiously expanding and upgrading their networks capabilities.  RF Site Design services are critical to the process for cost effective, efficient design strategy implementation.  These services may be addressed through staff expansion or turnkey milestone delivery.  Milestone design services offers a cost controlled, scalable model for MNOs to deliver network design, integration, and site acceptance.  The delivery is based on service level agreements, so MNOs are not responsible for the hiring, training, and managing of each milestone, instead focusing on their 5G network strategy and operations.

In the continual push for reduced spending, milestone projects offer fixed budgeting and forecast realization. As MNOs only pay for milestones completed, unnecessary costs are not a budget drain if delays are introduced to the roll-out; waiting for additional budget, needing clarification on design guidelines, equipment availability, etc.  Each milestone allows for a MNO’s existing processes to be utilized and organized for clear hand-off points and progress checks.  MNOs manage the process delivery results without managing the people.

Defining proper milestone tasks and SLAs is the key to saving in 5G RF network design.  Milestones may be site, technology, cluster or node based to allow for separation or combination of work depending on the operator design activities.  Overlapping ongoing and planned projects with similar milestone definitions allows for this milestone efficiency savings.  Sometimes a perceived drawback in milestones design in that engineering teams only perform work that milestones are established/defined for.  Often this lack of flexibility of using engineers available in market can cause strain and must be considered when designing milestones to fit each MNO’s designs and considering of ad-hoc tasks.

Quality of work can also be improved on a milestone project based on the ability to add a new engineer or easily replace an engineer that may be under performing. There is no need to adjust purchase orders or go through a strenuous hiring process as design engineers may be interchanged.  Utilizing process and delivery also allows for flexible hybrid design approaches with on and off-site work performed for improved cost savings and scalability.  Overall work performed by the operator is reduced by not having to manage the engineering team, status, and process but rather the supplied result updates and assure milestones are being met with proper quality. There is no need to review and approve weekly engineering schedule and work, just milestones and address any issues with the design project management.

To ensure delivery does not go off track, transparency in the process is critical to proper delivery from milestone design teams.  Without transparency, delivery items may be missed, hidden, undelivered, or not properly completed.  Proper common tools for suppliers and MNOs to have access, visibility and maintain records like TTS-Wireless TechInsights is vital to this success.  TechInsights for instance allows for documentation, reporting, forecasting, and simplified invoicing all from a common web and mobile platform.

Milestone based 5G RF design services offer a more economical and productive way to achieve efficient quality results from those of general staffing without the headaches of the hiring, reduction and general personnel management process.  Having delivered on over 100,000+ design milestones for tier 1 network operators, ask us how we can help structure your 5G and IoT RF Network Design delivery.

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