Acronyms – The Mid-Terms of Wireless


Those four letter words that distinguish the veterans from the rookies to every topic. Every organization in business has them, wireless would just seem to have more. If you don’t know the acronyms in wireless you are most likely already trying to play catch-up on the task at hand? Not to mention that if you don’t know the acronyms discussed in a meeting, you probably do not even know what the task, tool, output, or concept discussed may even be. The more experience you build through your career, the better you get at faking it or determining the jist of the acronyms, but no matter what level you are, in the end you need to know them.

This means one of two things. You can fake it until you make it, or take a conscience effort to learn them. Almost every technical manual, paper, proposal, or presentation at some point has either a dedicated page or embedded within the document the acronyms. Do not just glance over these. Stop, read those 2-3 times, go back and read them again until they are engrained. Study acronyms like they are the coming mid-term. Essentially, if you don’t know these acronyms you may not be able to provide the maximum contributions to you projects and overall business. If you aren’t contributing, you most likely won’t be growing as fast as you could be.

The internet has many sites and dictionaries to look up acronyms. The only problem with these is that most acronyms are used 3-4 different ways in every industry. Find a quality acronym dictionary and stick with it. No dictionary is complete, but the more thorough and simple to reference, the better off you will be. If you need a good starting point, here’s the one that some colleagues put together that can get you started. Study up.

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