Utilizing cell configurations and interaction, determine optimal tilt configurations for desired cell overlap

Utilizing cell configurations and interaction matrices, determine optimal tilt configurations for desired cell overlap.

Managing rapidly changing networks and the trade off between voice/data and coverage/capacity can wreck havoc on the network. Modifying coverage patterns can be a push here-pull there while trying to keep capacity and voice requirements in mind. The Coverage Optimizer does the analysis to optimize antenna tilts – meeting both voice and data, coverage and capacity requirements. Analysis is done automatically and recommendations provided, with expected impacts.

Coverage Optimizer runs daily to continually review tilts, determine logical neighbors, introduce new sites with correct initial configuration and neighbor settings, as well as determine focused areas for capacity and coverage optimization saving engineering teams time and money.

  1. Automated process
  2. Optimizers relationship between coverage and capacity for both voice and data
  3. No external inputs required
  4. Supports multi-carrier networks; 3G and 4G
  5. Dashboard reports, outputs, and plots