Analyze, Visualize, and interact with Big Data via the IMNOS Geo-Spatial Core platform

Unify Big Data too with the GeoSpatial Core!

Analyze, visualize, and interact with Big Data via the IMNOS Geo-Spatial Core platform.

Visualization of customer, crowd-sourced, sales, and other large scale data helps operators focus operations and efforts where problems are. Through the geo-spatial core IMNOS allows for the display and live map interaction through IMNOS widgets.  Do not let map object based implementations limit your data unification.

The Geo-Spatial core allows for visualization and geo-analytics from within the IMNOS platform.  A geo-platform shouldn’t have to be just objects and tiles.


The IMNOS geo-spatial core is a scalable community supported architecture allowing for efficient, customizable, cost-effective implementation for visualizing and analyzing large datasets.  From intake and pre-processing, to analytics and display, the geo-spatial core option allows mobile network operators to expand the use of existing customer focused data or 3rd party inputs.

  1. Scalable Community Supported Architecture
  2. Full Interactive Capabilities in IMNOS Enterprise Visualization
  3. Customized Operator Datasets and IMNOS integration