Quickly share maps, reports, and analysisacross organization

Shared Map Views Across Your Organization

Quickly share maps, reports, and analysis across an organization.

MapShare allows one user to pick up exactly where another user left on.  No longer do they have to find the layers, set the analysis, and lose time trying to copy what a colleague has already done.  MapShare brings added efficiency and a common approach to issues across an entire organization.  Let others see what you see and have it automated for tomorrow.  MapShare brings your data into view.


The sharing of workspaces and maps allows an organization to standardize processes, work in common datasets, and build operational efficiency.  Common workspaces with associated map layers, daily reports/dashboards, and visualized issues allows wireless operators to identify customer impacting issues quickly, determine root cause, and pro-actively resolve degraded service.

  1. Quickly Share Links to views with any IMNOS User
  2. Host the workspace in MapStash for common workflows for projects
  3. Copy Links or Directly Share via Email with Set or Flexible Dates