Quick Deployment, Sharing, and Layer Security through a unified application sharing

Keeping the Focused Interface!  Keep non-utilized applications away from the user, but still at their fingertips.

Create and share map layers, reports, workspaces and widgets in an application store approach.

Have thousands of layers and information sets available, but not over-whelming to teams.  IMNOS MapStash allows for the sharing of data across teams without cluttering their work environment.


The IMNOS geo-spatial core is a scalable community supported architecture allowing for efficient, customizable, cost-effective implementation for visualizing and analyzing large datasets.  From intake and pre-processing, to analytics and display, the geo-spatial core option allows mobile network operators to expand the use of existing customer focused data or 3rd party inputs.

  1. Organizational and general map layer management and deployment
  2. Layer Permissions, grouping, and shared editing/control
  3. Market, Organization, and Universal map, report, and link sharing