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IMNOS is a single unified platform for any wireless network visualization, integrating network data across the enterprise along with Big Data analytics, ready to support LTE and 5G network components. It consolidates all elements of today’s wireless networks including macro-cells, micro-cells, oDAS/iDAS, smallcells, and C-RAN in a single interface – providing a comprehensive solution for optimizing and planning your network. IMNOS allows for external data sets to quickly be visualized and correlated with network performance data for a holistic network performance view at both the network and customer levels.

  • Network Physical and Software Configuration, KPIs, and Alarms visualization, reporting and drilldown, for all the technologies – LTE, UMTS, GSM – including the latest ones, NB-IoT, LTE-M, LAA and 5G NR.
  • Big Data visualization and analytics, through IMNOS Geo-Spatial Core
  • Web platform accessible on phone, tablet, and desktop
  • User Call trace data analysis for Ericsson, Nokia/ALU for LTE and UMTS networks
  • Add-On Modules: PCI/RSI Planner, Configuration Analysis/iFO, In-Building Viewer
  • User configurable dashboards and reporting
  • Custom KPI creation
  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring
  • Open platform for 3rd Party tools data integration


  • Increases Existing Big Data Utilization and Value, through its advanced Geospacial techniques. Available geolocation Data Visualization and Analytics help     realize Customers real network experience and optimization opportunities
  • Boosts Engineering Efficiency through single interface for Key views, Data and Reporting – Configurations, Design and Performance metrics
  • Achieves Increased Customer Satisfaction and Revenue through Offenders Identification for fast root cause analysis and rectification, resulting in increased    Network Performance
  • Provides Real time Network monitoring through Alarms availability and Daily, Hourly & 15min Performance Monitoring with Fast Drill Down Capability
  • Helps with High Level Network Overview, through scheduled, ad hoc reporting, and map visualization
  • Increases cross Organization operations though a common platform
  • Allows User Perception Evaluation and direct comparison against competition through Social Media Sentiments
  • Maximizes the Value of Existing Tools, by bringing all the available information into IMNOS and correlate different pieces coming from various data sources

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IMNOS has that too! The IMNOS Geo-Spatial Core allows for big data analytics and geographical based visualization tightly integrated to other IMNOS layers. IMNOS may sit over the top of mobile network operator existing big data platforms, as a side subset geo-based platform in parallel, or as a full intake, hosting and analytic method for data sources.


IMNOS new modules provide a detailed insight on the newly deployed NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M cells, incorporating NB-IoT/LTE-M cell Physical and Software configuration, KPIs Trending and Mapping, Reporting, Map Layering, Drill Down Capability and Top Offenders Identification.


Allows for base configuration and complex add-ons including 15min KPIs, for real time monitoring, In-Building measurements layers, network oem vendor call trace, PCI/RSI planning, physical configuration audits and recommendations as well as the ability to bring in custom layers from operator data sources.


IMNOS platform supports modular deployment – integrate only what you need for your network.