Initial Design Services

As the importance of in-building coverage and capacity continues to grow, a company that understands and meets the requirements for proper indoor and outdoor systems, design is essential.

TTS Wireless currently executes a large assortment of DAS, HetNet, C-RAN and smallcell design and benchmarking services:

  • Network Benchmarking: Using a fast scanner, drive and/ or walk test collecting up to 5 different service providers’ for the purpose of showing competitive ranking within an area or venue for coverage, cell overlap, quality, and user experience.
  • CW Testing: Connect into the head end unit with a CW transmitter. Test all individual legs of a system configuration collecting walk test data indicating expected overage from each node. Provide CW pathloss models for input to design tools such as IBWave or ATOLL/ Asset/ Planet-EV.
  • Indoor Design (iDAS, Smallcell, HetNets): Import existing drawings into iBwave for the purpose of modeling wall/structure losses in order to design a new system. By using calculated traffic demands, determine the optimal equipment manufacturer for head end, transport and far end node implementation.
  • Outdoor Design (oDAS, Smallcell, HetNet, C-RAN): By making use of terrain data, existing network locations and a propagation tool (ATOLL), design an outdoor small area networks to provide coverage and/or capacity as prescribed by a service provider.

Post Launch Activities

Engineering doesn’t end at design. With this in mind TTS Inc offers an assortment of services to ensure the iDAS/oDAS, HetNet, C-Ran and smallcells meet end customer expectations and allows for long term benefits for both the solutions performance and the large scale macro network it may be integrated into.

  • Turn-up Services: Provide expert engineering guidance and leadership during a new or augmented DAS implementation. Ensure all equipment has been tested properly and placed according to the design. Present thorough system reports to the client prior to network turn up.
  • Venue Optimization: Perform detailed data collection and performance monitoring through KPIs to determine soft and hard changes in order to maximize the venue or area potential.
  • Macro Layer Optimization: Perform detailed drive and walk test scanning for best servers on a bin level. Using OptPCS and iCE, provide recommendations to existing macro network to remove cells from venues reducing interference to a system which in turn makes for an improved customer experience and capacity.
  • MPE Verification: Meeting FCC requirements for MPE may require theoretical calculations or on-site testing and reporting to ensure proper levels and mandated signage fulfillment.

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  • In-building and Venue DAS and micro cell Design, implementation, and optimization
  • In-building and Venue DAS and micro system survey and evaluation
  • Provide benchmarking and competitive positions
  • Detailed iDAS/oDAS verification, optimization, and macro network integration
  • Macro Network interference mitigation to DAS systems
  • Integrated solution for outdoor Macro and indoor DAS/Micro systems with OptPCS-iCE
  • Pre and Post launch optimization of indoor and outdoor DAS systems
  • CW testing and IBwave design for indoor and venue system
  • In-house test equipment, software licenses, and engineering services