Utilize direct SMS integration into service friendly platform

Tools for How We Live

Avoid cluttered email responses and application training by utilizing direct SMS integration into a service-based platform.

TechInsights integrates SMS/MMS communications directly into projects.  This allows organizations to efficiently communicate requests, statuses and maintain written logs of activities.  All SMS messaging in and out of TechInsights is processed in real time.  So, time is not lost and everything is moved along with proper service level agreements (SLAs) as defined in the project.


SMS integration allows direct communication, sender’s identification and avoidance of miscommunication typically encountered in email and direct phone communication environments.  With the integration of SMS into a war-room call based project, the customer was able to reduce 50% of the required staffing in order to maintain the same workload volumes.  TechInsights is designed around the many ways individuals work today.  SMS is another example of capitalizing on what remote individuals without access to a PC and time to wait on a call bridge can do through TechInsights in real time.

  1. SMS and MMS messaging integration in the platform
  2. Send, receive and document correspondence between recipients and application
  3. Save time and money with less direct phone interaction and lost hold times