Learning with YouTube

A recent JD Power study of wireless customer care satisfaction found that almost 1/5 of full time subscribers utilized YouTube to resolve a problem with their wireless service. Although the study didn’t answer if they resolved their issue through YouTube, it would point to higher generalization of consumers. Consumers would like to solve problems and learn fixes for themselves and that YouTube is trusted to provide these fixes.Online learning is the trend whether through formal education, free online courses like the Coursera Project, or the ultimate 3-5 minute learning library of YouTube. It allows for learning at your own pace in the subjects you would like to learn about. Initially, YouTube started as the “how to guide” for every little problem you could run into in everyday life from everyone with a camera phone. It has now progressed into structured videos from professionals and organizations on all sorts of topics. The wireless industry is no exception where you can learn about all aspects of LTE, UMTS, GSM, test tools, KPIs, etc. One tools providers videos on network topology overview has over 20,000 views for each of the major types. This demonstrate the pent up demand for engineers wanting to learn.Today’s RF Engineers don’t always have the time available for dedicated multi-day training. This makes the availability of short video training the most convenient way for them to learn. It also allows for the sharing of ideas similar to the old “brown bag” sessions used to do. For the telecommuter this might be one of the best methods of idea sharing. Organizations should encourage their employees to utilize the tools rather than having IT block them. This also allows for organizations to help build their brand through posting of informative content. The evolution of online learning should be embraced by engineering organizations in order to continue growth, keep up with trends, and better understand the networks they manage.

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