Process analytics for tuning efficiency and improved results

Tuning Process Efficiencies

You cannot improve a process unless you measure and report on it.  TechInsights brings metrics to processes.

Far too often, the efficiency of project processes is assumed and when is measured, lines up differently than expected.  TechInsights puts time, issues and resolution into actionable metrics to streamline activities.  All reporting up to the final information is available in real time.  The process of user’s compiled data is no longer required.  TechInsights provides company, user and team productivity, SLA measurements, time to resolve upon errors and gap analysis in addition to cost-driven analysis.


Processes must continually be reviewed and tuned in.  TechInsights allows every step of the process to promptly be analyzed and improved through quick identification of outliers and opportunities.  All reporting may be customized to project’s requirements and changing goals may often be adapted to modern project delivery.

  1. Analytics for all steps in the project process
  2. Team, vendor and individual breakdowns
  3. Custom dashboard and individual analytic reports
  4. Real-time, transparent reporting processes