Fast pacing wireless networks and increased customer needs have been driving our Software Solutions development and deployment over the last years. Our world class products are serving some of the leading operators in the wireless industry, dealing with their networks optimization, engineering complexity and end-users demanding expectations.


…”see” things right

The IMNOS enterprise wireless network visualization solution to streamline various network data analytic sources into a single unified platform. The growing complexity of wireless networks require an integrated platform to understand performance issues, optimization across all network layers, and plan for a seamless user experience. Analyze network key performance indicators (kpi’s), parameters and audit configuration setting via dashboards, maps, and user configurable reports.


TechInsights is a process management monitoring and visualization through a web platform with mobile application support to drive efficient process, transparent reporting/analytics, and implementation to support the way your teams work.  Customized project implementation makes it flexible for real time process flow for non-centralized organizations.


Mobile Network Measurements Made Simple

Get your measurement results reported within seconds and share within your company, team, or friends.

  • Measure: Measure network performance during voice and data tests
  • Upload: Upload your measurements with a single click to the cloud
  • Report: Standard and custom report templates to visualize the most out of your data
  • Share: Share your measurements and reported results with other users and groups


Are you interested in what your customers are thinking about you?

TTS’s Sentiment Index provides you with real time customers feedback through social media. Priceless for companies that form and build up their strategy, based on their customers feedback and around their needs.

Evaluate positive, negative or neutral posts on social media and get instantly the trends of the markets.