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RF Design Services


With a focus on RF engineering service delivery, TTS Wireless has milestone and service based approaches to a complete assortment of RF Design activities.  Our expertise includes planning tool use and administration, RF design sheets (RFDS), CIQ, integration scripting and implementation, LAC/RAC Planning, PCI/PSC/RSI/Frequency planning, site shakedown, microwave, e911, and turn-up optimization services.  Our engineers have worked on over 100,000 sites for LTE, WCDMA/UMTS, GSM, WiMax, and CDMA networks.

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We offer complete turnkey and staffing models to offer efficient, scalable, and quality RF Design services for your wireless network.  With extensive design and turn-up experience with traditional Macro, Small Cells, In-Building DAS, and Outdoor DAS design, C-RAN and general HetNet optimization experience.  Our staff of planning tool administrators, developers, and principal level engineers allow us to put together custom solutions beyond just design.  We can do database clean-up, planning tool optimization, automated data feeds, and custom design analysis for improved network efficiency and planning accuracy.  We offer a complete solution and have since 1997 knowing we will be there for your long term requirements.

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