Customer now has never been as important as today in the world of social media and instant response and retaliation.  Knowing the pulse of the customer is vital in ensuring your corporate decisions are meeting their requirements.  The greatest part of social media is now there is also a means of positive feedback.  You know when your product and services are being talked about, promoted, and endorsed.  The consumer turns quickly.  Keeping track of their emotions is critical.  It is with this in mind that the example for national major wireless operators is utilized with the available geocoding to help understand where people are talking.

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TTS Wireless has developed an automated sentiment index for corporations based on twitter tweets.  Each tweet is analyzed for a positive, neutral, or negative sentiment based upon the same algorithm.  Each wireless operator is then normalized to allow for a comparison and trending against each other.  It is understood that not sentiment is interpreted correctly by the algorithm, but each tweet is looked at identically and will apply equally to all operators.  We are continually tuning the index to give the most accurate picture of the wireless consumer landscape.