Social Media Reactions in Wireless Networks


With the mass adoption of social media, the consumer has found a new outlet of frustration beyond the call to customer service.  Not only can they voice their complaints to any follower who notices, they may also voice their praise.  This view into both sides with the consumer allows companies to see sentiment in near real time on products, services, and general company perception.  It is with this in mind that mobile networks operators (MNOs) have the opportunity to not only hear their customer, but see precisely where they are voicing their opinions from.

With many social media outlets providing APIs to access their public data, posts of data are available in real time and with the wide scale adoption of smart phones with GPS, having location data along with it.  This data allows operators to measure the consumer nationally, regionally, and by market, while their network teams dive into network related complaints and maintain positive customer experiences.  As most MNOs already have a process to deal with direct consumer complaints, this high growth area of information is made to work alongside and enhance the process.

Data such as that available through twitter allows for continual querying and filtering of posts directed at MNO accounts or hashtag campaigns.  Each tweet can then be determined to have a positive or negative tone.  While each individual tweet may not have the same audience of followers, it remains a consumer giving a slice into the view of all consumers.  By measuring the flow of positive versus negative feedback, MNOs may direct focus and resources into the issues impacting the brand the most.  At an engineering level, delving into negative tweets for network issues and locations gives companies a chance to provide direct feedback with less process interpretation diluting the message in between in a typical customer service request ticket flow.

The positive feedback may actually have the greatest impact to MNO engineering teams.  Human nature tends to lean to the idea we do not enjoy only dealing with complaints.  We strive to also hear praise of our own accomplishments as well as the companies we work for.  Data like this brings light to the other side.  Engineers can see actual customer delight and positive engagement.  This can go a long way for the moral and productivity of a network engineering organization.

Although the consumer is never perfect, there is a saying they are always right.  This may guide MNO engineering teams to not simply ignore this source of data, rather embrace and determine proper filters and measures to make it actionable.  TTS Wireless has long looked at and utilized crowd sourced data in network planning and optimization and continues to utilize it for improving networks for the end users.  Let social media sing praises rather than complaints!

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