Innovation has been always the defining course in our approach we take to designing, integrating and optimizing wireless systems. As we commit to meeting the demands of 5G rollout and existing LTE networks, we continue to provide operators with packaged, turn-key solutions and expert services.


For the past 10 years TTS Wireless has drawn from our own product support to build an extensive team of world class engineers and technicians to provide support for various other tools in a cost-effective practice for wireless operators.

This includes system support, tool SMEs, project management, deployment support, and custom application development to enhance the use of application data and allow transparent system monitoring.


TTS Wireless offers turnkey new site, carrier add, oDAS/iDAS, and small cell integration & optimization services through in market support & TTS 24hr NOCC through our Performance Assurance Group (PAG). Our trained team of engineers on Ericsson & Nokia (NSN & ALU) platform and thorough & efficient process ensures that new carrier is seamlessly integrated in the network and provides required capacity addition and improved KPIs resulting in enhanced customer experience with minimal cost to operators.


End to End Design, Integration, Optimization

With a focus on RF engineering service delivery, TTS Wireless has milestone and service based approaches to a complete assortment of RF Design activities.  Our expertise includes planning tool use and administration, RF design sheets (RFDS), CIQ, integration scripting and implementation, LAC/RAC Planning, PCI/PSC/RSI/Frequency planning, site shakedown, microwave, e911, and turn-up optimization services.  Our engineers have worked on over 100,000 sites for LTE, WCDMA/UMTS, GSM, WiMax, and CDMA networks.


Meeting the indoor challenges

As operators continue to differentiate their networks, indoor coverage and capacity has become a focal point. Our in-building solutions and services are focused around meeting this indoor expectations. This includes the proper design, integration, testing, and macro network interaction to improve the customer experience.  TTS Wireless has worked on over 500 unique projects in various aspects of DAS, HetNet and Smallcell design, integration, optimization, and other validation services.


Intelligent Cell Engineering

OptPCS iCE is an invaluable wireless network optimization tool providing the ability to model network changes and improve the customer experience. iCE utilizes actual measured data to reflect current RF conditions allowing proper cell overlaps, neighbor, and weak RF coverage identification as well as simulated affect on physical changes. Its in-building module has add vertical layer into the overall simulation providing a comprehensive solution for dense-urban and high rise scenarios.


Read data prediction

Having performed thousands of CW tests across all types of clutter classes, TTS Inc has the experience, equipment, and efficiencies to meet your CW requirements. This includes the multi-band tests often required by today’s complex networks. In addition, we offer CW validations in order to understand properly how a new design site will fit in with the existing macro cell changes in order to streamline integration and optimization.


Network knowledge, competitor knowledge

Most operators perform some sort of basic network benchmarking and competitor analysis. Typically this covers the major roads and highways. For most wireless carriers these areas were the coverage focus of the first network buildouts. As customer expectations have grown, the requirement now is to know the complete coverage situation of the entire network. Having insight to where you or competitor is weak allows for the strategy to get ahead and catch up as needed to differentiate the network experience.


Create a world-class team of individuals to plan, build-out, expand, optimize, operate and manage your wireless network. TTS offers independent and objective wireless consulting services from business planning to system design, integration and optimization of 2G & 2.5G (iDEN,TDMA CDMA/1x,GSM,GPRS, EDGE), to 3G (UMTS, EVDO) and emerging 4G technologies (i.e.WiFi/WiMESH,WiMAX, LTE, LTE-Advanced). Empower yourselves to build this team from all your available resources and ensure your customers that they will enjoy improved quality and coverage of your network.