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Process and reporting transparency in engineering turnkey projects is the basis of TechInsights.  Developed as a project tracking mechanism, TechInsights allows visibility and insight into projects for all levels of an organization.  Project tracking is not only about what is and isn’t done, but process analysis of how long each phase or step in the process is taking.  For efficiency to be found, an organization needs to know the steps that are slowing them down.

Having a web and mobile integrated platform increases ease of access to project data as well as simplify updates and data collection from the field.  TechInsights has integrated API capability for integration with outside applications or directly with IMNOS for enhanced visualization capabilities.  TechInsights has built in SMS capabilities for field team communication and for confirmation activities within workflows.

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TechInsights Features
TechInsights provides a rich, highly customizable variety of reports, multi device support, interaction with third party platforms for information distribution through advanced connectors and build in integrations.

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